• Sharon’s short film The Seven Men of Hanukkah, directed by Daryl Lathon and starring Mike Houston and Jenny Kirlin, will have the following upcoming screenings: “Richmond International Film Festival” March 2nd at 8:45pm, The “Queens World Film Festival” March 18th at 3:15pm and the Garden State Film Festival in early April. All information can be found at www.thesevenmenofhanukkah.com
  •  Sharon’s short play Painting Seventeen performed in the Short+Sweet festival in Sydney, Australia, in January, 2017 and won first place for “Week 3.” The play advances to the finals in March, 2017.  Information here: http://www.shortandsweet.org/festivals/shortsweet-sydney-0
  • Sharon’s short play “In the Meantime” will be produced as part of Axial Theatre Company’s “Twisted Valentines” productions in Pleasantville, New York, February 17th-19th (Program B). All information can be found here: http://www.axialtheatre.org/performances.htm
  • Believin’ is published in The Best 10-Minute Plays, 2016 (Lawrence Harbison, ed.)
  • Sharon is currently sharing her full-length romantic comedy screenplay, The Golden Age of Kali with potential partners. It is about a closeted Hindu New Yorker who’s trying to keep her Jewish girlfriend away from her family and vice versa.
  • Sharon was one of the writers for a new web series, BKPI (Brooklyn Private Investigators). Director/Creator: Hye Yun Park. Produced by Super Deluxe