broadway-sign“Quality Shorts at the Planet Connections Theatre Festivity”

Summer in New York City brings a lot of fun events and for theater lovers this includes a number of festivals where up and coming playwrights have a chance to show their work and you can see it all for incredibly low prices.

One of the first festivals of the season is the 4th Annual Planet Connections Theatre Festivity which brings eco-friendly, not-for-profit, entertainment entertainment to the East Village. This year the festival includes (as billed) 31 productions, 14 staged readings, films, live music, and special events.

One of the totally green offerings (which I was lucky enough to be invited to) is Sharon’s Shorts, a collection of five plays by playwright Sharon Cooper. Cooper’s plays have been produced internationally and recognized for excellence by a variety of publications and festivals. For this festival, Ms. Cooper chose a selection of short plays which explore the humor and darkness in real moments and true-to-life situations; my personal favorite being “Occupied” in which actress Mia Ellis channels an Albert Brooks-esque view of the world regarding the procedures and protocols of banks.

PCTF is a well respected festival that has been known in the past for curating quality work and this collection of short plays is no exception.

Sharon’s Shorts was directed by Joanna Strange and features Hend Ayoub, Will Clark, Mia Ellis, Kerry Flanagan, Jonathan Horvath, James O’Brien, Will Shaw, and Evelyn Spahr. Publicity and pics by SaSi Public Relations.

Remaining performances are at The Robert Moss Theater (440 Lafayette Street):

Tonight (Monday, June 10th) @ 9pm

Friday, June 14th @ 9pm

Saturday, June 15 @ 7pm

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